You can exhale now. I’ve got you from here.

First, let’s talk about you and why you’re here (and I’m so glad you are).

Your anxiety is through the roof. You constantly feel tired and wired, your heart is pounding, and it’s hard to take a deep breath.

You toss and turn at night replaying the day’s events or imagining all of the “worst case” scenarios that could go wrong tomorrow.

You’re experiencing intrusive thoughts about scary things happening, and you are spending hours of your day trying to get rid of these thoughts.

You have been to the doctor multiple times for GI issues or other physical symptoms that all checked out with a clean bill of health.

You might even be struggling with alcohol use as a coping mechanism for all of this anxiety – but that’s just causing new problems for you.

All of this anxiety has you or someone you love feeling stuck and scared.

I am here to offer you a sincere message of hope:
You can feel better, and I’m going to help you get there.

Just because you’ve felt this way for as long as you can remember does not mean you have to feel this way forever. If nothing has worked yet for your anxiety, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be helped or that you’re doing something wrong! Once you have the opportunity to learn evidenced-based strategies for anxiety, OCD, and panic attacks, you can start to take control of your life again. With the right support, you (or your child) can feel better.

There is so much more for you than living in a cloud of fear and anxiety. There is a big, beautiful life out there waiting for you.

A bit about me:

The mission of my practice is to help teens and adults who are struggling with anxiety. Through a supportive, honest, and down-to-earth approach, my clients gain coping strategies to more effectively navigate life’s challenges; more confidence in themselves; and clarity about a hopeful future.

Learn more about how I can help.

Anxiety , OCD, & Panic Attacks
I want to learn how to face my fears
& stop allowing worry to control my life.

Teens & Parents
I want support for my teen in navigating the
stress & anxiety of middle & high school.

Sober Curious
I want to explore an alcohol-free lifestyle.

Let’s get started today!

Step 1: Check out my “FAQ” page. People find this
helpful to review before our first call.

Step 2: Send me a message below to schedule
your free 15-minute phone consultation, and I will get back to you
about the status of openings within two business days.

Step 3: Once we agree that we are a good fit for one another,
we can schedule your first session & complete
intake documents online. I offer both in-person sessions or Telehealth.

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