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The teens, twenties and even thirties are full of big changes.

Change can include navigating the challenging years of middle and high school; going away to college for the first time; or simply learning to manage the pressure that comes with finding your place in your career and professional world.

While change is exciting, it can also lead to stress.

Prolonged and untreated stress can morph into anxiety that leaves you feeling emotionally and physically drained. You may have another tab open where you Googled things like “aches and pains, upset stomach, and tightness in the chest.” Anxiety can be the culprit of unexplained physical symptoms, and it leaves you feeling exhausted and depleted.

Untreated anxiety chips away at self-confidence until fear is in charge of your life instead of you.

You’ve probably tried ignoring, denying, or even numbing these problems. The thing is, thoughts become more powerful when we avoid them, and they end up popping back up unwanted places, like work or school. You have lived with this stress and worry for a long time, and put simply, it’s making your life really hard.

My job is to jump into the trenches with you and to help you reclaim your power.

You don’t have to do this alone anymore, and you can put it all on the table with no judgement here. A sincere and genuine therapeutic relationship is the vehicle for healing and change, and in that spirit, we keep it really real in my office. If you are celebrating a win, I will be jumping up and down with you and sharing in your joy. If you need to swear and sob, you can do that here too. All feelings are welcome in this process.

You’re here because you’re ready to tell fear
who’s boss and take control of your life again.
I’m here to help you tackle the barriers holding you back.

I’ve supported teens, the parents who love them, and adults in various roles and settings for almost a decade. Here’s what I’ve learned:

Even the most stressed out teens can skillfully navigate the challenges of growing up if they have adults who believe in them and a toolbox of effective coping strategies.

20 and 30-somethings can summon bravery they never knew they had as they heal from the past and confidently embrace a more hopeful future.

Families can find more patience for one another, improve communication, and rebuild relationships as they move forward together.

You’re right on time for the perfect moment to start changing your life.

Let’s get started today! Since New York State’s directives about social distancing have been put into place for health and safety reasons, we will be meeting for therapy online on a HIPPA compliant, confidential video platform.

During your initial intake phone call, we will be discussing how to access to platform, payment and insurance for Telehealth, and tips on making the most of your Telehealth sessions from home. You can also find an introduction to this information under the “Treatment Specialization” dropdown menu under “Video Counseling.”

Send me a message below to schedule your phone consultation, and I can answer any questions you have about the process and getting started! (Disclaimer: if technology scares you, no worries! I will walk you through every step, and it’s a breeze once we get started).

Barb Shepard, LMHC

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