Video Counseling

Video counseling (also known as Telehealth) offers a convenient and confidential way for you to connect with me for a counseling session through a secure video chat on your phone, tablet or computer. If you have a busy work schedule, are traveling, or would prefer to talk to your therapist from the comfort of your home, Video Counseling appointments may be a great option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is broadly defined as the provision of healthcare/counseling services through telecommunication technologies. Examples of this include video, email, and text counseling. My practice currently offers Video Counseling as an option for clients. Video Counseling sessions can offer many of the same benefits that a face-to-face session would.

What are the benefits of video counseling?

  • Video counseling is convenient– you can access your counseling session from anywhere.
  • Video counseling reduces travel time for sessions. This can offer some relief when you already struggle to find enough hours in the day for everything on your plate.
  • Walking into a counselor’s office for the first time can feel intimidating. Video sessions from the comfort of home can help reduce anxiety about starting the counseling process.
  • Video counseling can be a more comfortable option for you if you are struggling with anxiety or social phobia.

How does video counseling work?

You can access your video counseling session through your confidential client portal on your phone, tablet, or computer. Video counseling is similar to traditional office therapy in the sense that we will meet for a 50-60 minutes session and can cover the same topics as we would in an in-person session.

Contact me today for a free phone consultation. I can answer any questions you may have, and can discuss whether video counseling is an appropriate option for you!

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